Ferntree Container Ship


Ferntree Consulting GmbH commenced business activities in January 2012. The company was set up by Lothar Krieger and his wife, Christiane Krieger, at Hamburg.


The idea is to use available knowledge and contacts for the own company and work as a specialized shipbroker and consultant, not only but very focused on the market of PCTC and Ro-Ro vessels.


Many people are asking us about the company name. Indeed, Ferntree Consulting GmbH is not revealing the company might have to do with shipping. But there is a story explaining it: In 2010 the younger son of Christiane and Lothar was at school in Tauranga/New Zealand. It was quickly agreed that his parents should pick him up at the end of the term and have some vacation together in New Zealand. Ferntrees can be found in New Zealand, growing from apparently any kind of soil and not needing much water, but still growing straight up and always being a bit taller than the surrounding trees. This was felt to describe the situation of a new but ambitious company very well, and as such the name was found.


A friend has taken a picture of a Ferntree on his vacation to New Zealand.
You can find the picture here, just so that you get an impression.